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Rethinking work, home and office


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When the pandemic subsides, some of the old ways will return, but a significant change in the organisation of work is likely to remain. Real estate faces important shifts. In this article, we speculate about how this might pan out. Interaction-intensive consumer-facing services will demand less real estate. The impact ...

Strengthening India-US Business Relations


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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked US firms to invest in India, in various sectors including infrastructure, aviation, defence and space research. He was addressing the “India Ideas Summit”. The Summit was hosted by US-India Business Council. The theme of the summit was “Building a Better Future”.  The India ...

Pricing education: An example from Uttar Pradesh


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(Co-authored with Shubho Roy)


School shutdowns across the country have sparked disagreements between parents and schools about fees. Parents filed a plea in the Supreme Court seeking more time to pay schools due to COVID-19. The Supreme Court refused to hear the petition, arguing that it had to be ...

Sustenance vs Succour: With political will, PDS can be reformed


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(Co-authored with Lekha Chakraborty and Vidya Ramji)
The Prime Minister, during his address to the nation on June 30, reiterated that 80 crore people will get free foodgrains till November under the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana (PMGKAY). This additional quantity doubles the normal quota that people are ...

Re-imagining MSME lending


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(Co-authored with Amrita Pillai)
The government’s initiatives under the stimulus package have been geared towards helping Indian MSMEs maintain liquidity and ensuring greater credit availability. The emergency credit line, subordinate debt provision and the equity infusion measure, apart from the long-awaited reform to the MSME definition, have been significant ...