Joshua Felman is currently stationed in Delhi, working as a long-term expert provided by the IMF. Previously, he was Assistant Director in the Research Department, where his responsibilities included analysing developments in the global economy. Mr. Felman has had a long involvement in Asia. During his time in the Research Department, he led the teams researching the simultaneous slowdowns of the BRICS economies, and writing the sustainability reports for the G20 on India and China. Before that, he was responsible for the Asia-Pacific Department’s research into Asia-wide issues. From 2006 to 2008, he was the IMF’s Senior Resident Representative in India, and before that he was in charge of the Fund’s operations in Korea. During the Asian crisis, he was the Chief Economist in the IMF’s Jakarta office, where he worked closely with the authorities in restructuring the financial system. Mr. Felman did his graduate work at Oxford University in England. His most recent (co-authored) publication is Frontiers of Monetary Policymaking: Adding the Exchange Rate as a Tool to Combat Deflationary Risks in the Czech Republic.