An autonomous research institute under the Ministry of Finance


Collaboration and partnerships

The NIPFP maintains close functional links with the Central and State Governments in India, and actively collaborates with bilateral and multilateral donor agencies in pursuing its research and training agenda. It also works in close collaboration with a number of academic institutions both in India and abroad, to gain deeper insights on issues of public economics. Presentably, the Institute has collaborative studies and training programmes with the scholars from Columbia University, New York; University of California, Santa Cruz; University of Toronto, Toronto; Georgia State University, Atlanta; Australian National University, Canberra and London School of Economics, London. The faculty of the Institute also collaborates in research and teaching activities with a number institutes in India and abroad. They are also associated with world-wide research networks and serve as members on national and state-level commissions, professional organisations, and management boards of various institutions.


List of current project collaborations and partnerships

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