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CHAMPIONS can ease MSME pain only if it effectively helps implement govt’s relief measures


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(Co-authored with Amrita Pillai)


In an ongoing effort to help the MSMEs, the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises launched the CHAMPIONS portal in May. The acronym stands for Creation and Harmonious Application of Modern Processes for Increasing Output and National Strength.
Touted as a one-stop, single-window ...

RBI’s Pandemic Predicament


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(Co-authored with Harikrishnan S.)
IMF projections indicate the drag of the Covid 19 pandemic on global growth could be to the extent of -4.9 per cent. This is a major revision in the global growth rate over a very short period of time, from 3 per cent in ...

Intuition, not prediction


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There is a difference between an estimate, a projection, and a forecast. Projections extrapolate on past trends. Forecasts are based on an economic model that uses data to forecast future economic magnitudes.
The Covid crisis makes “data driven” projections inaccurate, as the past provides zero guidance for the future ...

The political economy of lockdown in India


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(Co-authored with Lekha Chakraborty)
As predictable as it can be, the Indian Prime Minister announced lockdown at 8 PM on March 24th 2020, giving the country and its 1.3 billion people all of four hours to get ready, evoking memories of the demonetisation announcement and the midnight launch ...