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Divergences in Human Development Outcomes in Madhya Pradesh: The role of Fiscal Policy and Governance

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  • Publication date 2017
  • Published in The report has been produced in collaboration with the Madhya Pradesh government and UNICEF, Bhopal.
  • Authors N. R. Bhanumurthy, H.K. Amarnath, Manish Prasad, Shiney Chakraborty and Richa Jain
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  • Abstract
    NIPFP has been privileged to partner with the Madhya Pradesh government and UNICEF in the production of this important report. The objective of fiscal policy and of good governance is to improve the lives of common people. Human development provides an excellent framework and metric within which the assessment and impact of such can be undertaken. This report provides both an analytical framework, and an empirical matrix to undertake such an exercise for Madhya Pradesh at the district level. The report has also carried out in depth analysis in several districts to understand specifically why human development outcomes may not have been achieved despite higher public expenditure. Here, important linkages between governance, human development and the efficacy of fiscal policy, have been identified. 
    We are confident that this will be a valuable resource for the Madhya Pradesh government to better target its human development interventions and to undertake reforms in fiscal policy and governance that will improve the quality and effectiveness of public expenditure in the state, so that our common endeavour- to ensure that public money is spent such that there is a tangible positive difference in the lives of all citizens- is secured. 
    Chapter 1: Introduction 
    Chapter 2: Concept and Issues of Governance 
    Chapter 3: Governance Index(GI) and variations across districts in Madhya Pradesh 
    Chapter 4: Variations in Education and Health Achievements across Districts in Madhya Pradesh 
    Chapter 5: Linkages between public spending and development outcomes 
    Chapter 6: Observations from Field Visit  
    A1. District-wise Indices for MDGs of Madhya Pradesh 
    A2. District-wise Indices for Different Dimension of Governance 
    A3. District-wise Indices for Education Performance 
    A4. District-wise Indices for Health Performance 
    A5. District-wise Per Capita Expenditure of Madhya Pradesh for 2012-13(in rupees) 
    A6. Per capita District Domestic Product of Madhya Pradesh for 2012-13(in rupees) 
    A7. District-wise code of Madhya Pradesh