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Analysis of State Budgets 2017-18: Emerging Issues (Impact of Power Sector Debt - UDAY on State Finances)

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  • Publication date 2018
  • Published in Published by the National Institute of Public Finance and Policy, (NIPFP), New Delhi, as part of the IDRC project titled A Study of Intergovernmental Fiscal Transfers in India.
  • Authors Pinaki Chakraborty, Manish Gupta, Lekha Chakraborty and Amandeep Kaur
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  • Abstract
    This study is an outcome of the larger research project, "A Study oflntergovemmental Fiscal Transfers in India", supported by a grant from the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Canada, under the Think Tank Initiative.
    The report using state budgets of 2017-18 examines the likely impact of some of the recent policy changes on the finances of state governments. The central theme of this report is the impact of power sector debt - UDAY on State finances. This study was led by Professor Pinaki Chakraborty. The other members of the team are Dr. Lekha Chakraborty, Dr. Manish Gupta and Ms. Amandeep Kaur.

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