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Perceptions of tax compliance in India


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[Co-authored with R. Kavita Rao]


Tax compliance, i.e. filing of return and the declaration of income for tax, is the outcome of complex interactions between the measures adopted by the income tax department and the inherent beliefs of the taxpayers. Focussing on the latter, in 2015, we conducted ...

Book Review: Fiscal Consolidation, Budget Deficits and the Macro Economy


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Dr. Lekha Chakraborty’s new book, Fiscal Consolidation, Budget Deficits and the Macro Economy, adds new insight to the venerable topic of how to conduct fiscal policy in the context of a developing economy. Her specific applications to India’s complex case is especially welcome, in the face of India’s rapidly changing ...

Tax on Agricultural Income: A Revisit via Tax Laws


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Taxation of agricultural income has been in the eye of storm recently. While adverse impact of such taxation on farmers has been a primary concern, the need for resource mobilisation brings the debate back to the limelight regularly. However, in my view, the debate is not supported by appropriate facts ...

Fiscal Consolidation, Budget Deficits and the Macro Economy


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For close to twenty five years now the fiscal deficit has had a central place in the economic policy of the central government in India. In particular, as Lekha Chakraborty in her book titled, Fiscal Consolidation, Budget Deficits and the Macro Economy puts it “fiscal consolidation has become the norm” ...

What’s a Shell Company?


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Shell companies are known to be misused by individuals and companies for the purpose of avoiding taxes as well as to launder money. Investigations reveal that shell companies are amorphous entities. Learning from the experience during demonetisation, large number of shell companies allowed the laundering of cash by providing entries ...