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Nirmala Sitharaman’s Maiden Budget is an Exercise in Taming Policy Uncertainty


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While pragmatic, its fiscal marksmanship is a pressing concern.


Policy uncertainty can cause a severe drag on economic growth. The maiden budget by finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman was a judicious narrative of how to lessen the policy uncertainties. She has not deviated from the fiscal consolidation path and ...

The draft NEP and the Question of Finances


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(Co-authored with Arvind Sardana)
The Draft National Education Policy is an ambitious document that aims to bring in wide-spread reforms in the field of education and research. But do we have enough money to realize these goals? Sukanya Bose and Arvind Sardana examine this question.
The Draft National ...

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Union Budget 2019 is a prudent one and I'm very happy about that: PMEAC member Rathin Roy

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A silent fiscal crisis?


The ability of government to shrink the expenditures in 2019-20 would severely strain attempts to maintain fiscal discipline.


This year’s Budget speech was the first I have seen that, in my memory, has no paragraphs on the fiscal situation which, along with the tax proposals, is at the core ...

Adequate Budgets for Children is key to sustainable development


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Adequate Budgets for Children is key to sustainable development 
Modi 2.0 Budget: Good initiatives; More needed for Every last Child
Amarnath Habbar Kalle, NIPFP, Alka Singh, Save the Children
With Inputs from Rohit Dutta,  NIPFP and Shivani Bhaskar, Save the Children
2019 marks completion of 30 years ...